Welcome to Mister Shane's Second Shane Secure and Verified Acquisition Payment Portal. Here you will receive, at the least, a fully downloadable Archive of Second Shane (containing .mp3, .mp4, .jpg, and many other file types) in addition to over $4,000,000 New Money. Just One Payment Away. Please. Shane himself never sees any payment information you enter, so you know your data is safe. He uses a trusted Payment Platform Provider called Paypal. If you have any questions regarding your purchase or potential purchase, please contact Mister Shane at mistershanemgmt@gmail.com. Shane is happy to exchange your Archive or New Money for additional digital goods in the Mister Shane universe upon request.
Shane minimally requests $2.00 U.S. Dollars for the acquisiton of the Second Shane all-in-one package. However, as a valued User of Second Shane, you have the option to Pay What You Want. Any purchase amount over $4.99 U.S. Dollars will receive a unique Digital Surprise for use in Second Shane in addition to the Archive and New Money Injection. Please enter your Desired Payment Amount in the field below.
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After you make your payment you will immediately receive the coupon code for your $4,000,000 New Money injection in Second Shane. Then, within one business day, and hopefully within an hour or two, Shane will e-mail your paypal email address a link to the Second Shane Downloadable Offline Archive. Thank you very much!